From Crafty Sci-Fi Dice to Time Machine Spatulas

 - Dec 1, 2015
Doctor Who fans are sure to appreciate one of these incredibly geeky sci-fi gifts. Based on the popular British television program, these gifts range from kitchen tools to nerdy apparel.

Doctor Who Christmas sweaters couldn't be any more appropriate for the season while the Doctor Tie allows fans to display their love for the series while at work. The TARDIS time machine is a major highlight of the BBC series and all Doctor Who fans are sure to be delighted at Geek Alert's TARDIS as well as Anthology Candles' TARDIS candle which is designed to smell like the fictional machine.

These Doctor Who gift ideas also include toys for all ages. While the Doctor Who LEGO set promotes constructive creativity, the Doctor Who Baby Blocks give children a head start on geeky pop culture.