These K-9 Robot Dog Slippers are Cute and Cozy

 - Apr 4, 2014
References: thinkgeek & fashionablygeek
Sometimes at the end of a long day, the greatest way to relax is with some K-9 Robot Dog slippers. If your real furry dogs are barking, then don’t expect them to come and comfort you after a tiring day. Just take a load off and slide into these mechanical dog slip-ons inspired by the Doctor Who franchise.

These mechanical canines are house-trained, won’t bark your ears off and are ready to wear. Not to mention they’re fuzzy, soft and super comfy. Despite their robot-like appearance, these pups are all polyester.

So indulge your inner geek and plunge your feet into these soft furry robotic creatures. Pair them with a warm drink and a Doctor Who marathon for the ultimate relaxing Doctor Who-themed night.