This Dalek Cake Mold Will Make You Want to Exterminate Lesser Pastries

 - Jan 30, 2014
References: amazon & thisiswhyimbroke
Make your baking more geeky and galactic with this awesome yet intolerant Dalek cake mold.

If you are a fan of the long running British series Dr. Who, then you would know that Daleks are aliens in the show’s universe. They fought the Time Lords in the Last Great War and are very prejudiced against other races. As the main bad guys in the show, when they see beings they deem to be lesser than them, they cry out in metallic robotic voices "exterminate!"

This clever cake mold allows you to make interesting and unique treats in the shape of the xenophobic creatures. Fans love dressing up as or making Dalek shaped things, not because they like the characters, but because the design is so iconic and a bit silly. The mold allows the cake to come out of the oven able to stand up. It’s made of easy to clean and non-stick silicon. Because it is made of silicon, it is flexible and can even be folded into a smaller space when stored.