- Jul 22, 2015
If you like to experiment in the kitchen, these unconventional baking pans provide the perfect way to whip up some unexpected treats. While it can be fun to play with different flavors and fillings, these peculiar baking trays allow you to experiment with a number of different shapes and textures. With everything from creepy breakfast molds to crispy brownie pans, these baking accessories will help you create the perfect baked goods.

Cake molds seem to offer the most versatility in term of unusual shapes and designs. Cake batter is extremely versatile and it is easy to customize a recipe to complement a desired shape. Some of these unusual cake pans include dice themed cake molds, cartoon kitten cake pans and honeycomb dessert trays.

Beyond cakes, there are unconventional baking accessories designed for other popular sweet treats. There are brownie trays with multiple edges, which ensures that each square is just as crispy as if it were a corner piece. There are also cookie pans that can turn ordinary dough into everything from miniature monsters to deep sea creatures.

From Creepy Breakfast Molds to Crispy Brownie Pans: