This Handy Baking Gadget Turns Helps You Make Perfectly Round Cake Treats

 - Sep 12, 2014
References: amazon & thisiswhyimbroke
Make perfectly round cake pops every time thanks to this nifty baking gadget called the Cake Pop Mini-Mold by My Little Cupcake. This handy baking accessory helps you to shape cake instantly into perfect little circles.

Making cake pops is a super fun baking experience but sometimes it can be hard to roll the cake into perfect spheres without the dough falling apart in your hands. Thanks to the Cake Pop Mini-Mold you can ensure that your cake treats are the same size every time with a nifty circle mold that bakers can fill with cake and close to create a miniature circle. This is ideal if you're making a ton of cake pops for an event or a bake sale and you don't have time to roll the cake dough into balls. All you need to add is a lollipop stick and decoration and you're good to go.