- Apr 22, 2016
These affordable kitchen products range from DIY cold brew kits to breakfast makers that are both artisanal and budget-friendly. When examining the myriad of portable grills, waffle makers and toasters on the market, standouts include hot dog-roasting devices and free-standing waffle gadgets that are inspired by food prep practices that are traditional among Belgian populations.

When looking at items that encourage DIY coffee prep, cold brew kits, fast French press devices and convenient iced coffee makers each appeal to a growing maker culture. In addition to preferring the experience of hands-on food and beverage prep, this Millennial group is also interested in the origins and process of their coffee or food.

Fusing practicality with a reasonable price point, these affordable kitchen gadgets also include ingenious fruit, corn and bread slicers that offer a precise final product with minimal time and effort.

From DIY Cold Brew Kits to Budget-Friendly Breakfast Makers: