The New Brita Pitcher Anticipates When a New Filter is Needed

 - Feb 29, 2016
References: amazon & businessinsider
Amazon recently debuted a new Brita pitcher that anticipates when a new filter is needed. Anyone who has ever owned a Brita filtration system knows that over time the filters must be replaced. This new pitcher keeps an eye on how much water has been filtered to help consumers ensure that they always have a fresh filter on hand.

The 'Brita Infinity Smart Water Pitcher' uses WiFi to monitor how much water passes through the filter in order to tell when it needs to be replaced. As soon as a new filter is needed, the device will automatically order one from Amazon and have it shipped directly to the consumer's door. The filters are not tied to any subscription model, meaning new filters will only be shipped when they are needed.

The new Brita pitcher uses Amazon's existing Dash service to gives consumers a quick and simple way to restock common household products.