From Shark-Deterring Wristbands to Droplet Digital Cameras

 - Apr 24, 2016
These April 2016 gadgets range from droplet digital cameras to shark-deterring wristbands that are designed to enhance the safety of surfers and swimmers who are likely to encounter the ocean predators.

Standouts include reactive and customizable devices like jackets that can be adjusted to feature a wearer's desired temperature and sensor-embedded table tops that make traditional office tasks and interactive presentations an easy feat. Other April 2016 gadgets to take note of include rain-forcasting umbrellas that are embedded with smart weather sensors -- ideal for predicting the chance of flurries.

Additional notables range from waterproof and bejeweled smartwatches to tangle-free and comfort-focused headphones. The latter are designed to fit varying head shapes and are products that promote comfort and quality at an accessible price point.