The 'Sharkbanz' Can Stop Sharks from Attacking Humans

 - Mar 26, 2016
References: amzn & dudeiwantthat
Technology is becoming more advanced with a number of ways to stop sharks from attacking humans coming to market like the 'Sharkbanz' wearable. Working with magnetic waves, 'Sharkbanz' work to disrupt a shark's receptors and let them know there's nothing of interest around. To put it into perspective, the use of a 'Sharkbanz' wearable to a shark is like shining a bright light at a person's eyes in the dark.

The 'Sharkbanz' wristband is an effective way to help stop sharks from attacking without having to use any weaponry or harsh tactics. If the devices were adopted on a wider scale, we could see sharks staying away from coastal areas where beachgoers are constantly around.

'Sharkbanz' come in a variety of color options including 'Slate,' 'Azure' and 'Sea Foam.'