The Manus Glove Kits are Wearable Controllers for Simulated Experiences

 - Mar 12, 2016
References: manus-vr & hypebeast
The Manus VR is a gaming accessory glove kit that lets consumers interested in indulging in simulated gaming have a more tactical playing experience. Rather than relying on pushing buttons on a controller, players can use their hands to experience the simulated realities of the gaming universes to have a much more immersive interaction with the game.

The glove kit makes use of haptic technology and is compatible with the HTC Vive virtual reality head set. The gloves connect to the headset wirelessly via a USB and are able to monitor the wearer's motions and translate them into the game in real time. The gloves also provide the wearer with vibrations so they can sense motions from the game.