This Curved Camera is Functionally and Ergonomically Enhanced

 - Mar 26, 2016
References: & yankodesign
The human body has no right angles, so why are our devices still designed to be so rectilinear? This proposal for a curved camera casts straight edges aside in favor of a form that's sculpted to fit snugly within the user's hand.

The shape of this concept Canon is like that of a raindrop, enabling you to grip it comfortably to capture at any angle. Nikola Mraovic and Luka Bogdanovic conceived a thin screen that could retract from the rounded body of the curved camera. Encased in a fine layer of Gorilla Glass and engineered to be double-sided, the point-and-shoot's display would be capable of facilitating selfies quite easily.

Demonstrated here is the openness to rethinking conventional approaches to designing consumer electronics. It's time that manufacturers literally think outside of the box in order to better connect with users.