This Bra Detects Abnormalities That May Indicate Breast Cancer

A group of researchers at Colombia's National University recently developed a bra that detects abnormalities that can indicate breast cancer. While early detection can be crucial in the fight against cancer, women don't always notice abnormalities when they develop. This bra uses the power of new technology to help women spot signs of cancer as early as possible.

The cancer-detecting bra is equipped with a series of tiny infrared sensors that work to measure the temperature of the wearer's breasts. If the bra detects abnormalities, it will use a series of warning lights to convey the level of risk. A green light indicates that everything is normal, yellow indicates the need for another test and red tells the wearer that they need to see their doctor. The test can be performed at home and only takes a few minutes to carry out. As a result, new bra could help to drastically improve early detection rates.