From Beyonce's Fitness Line to Expanding Maternal Activewear

 - Aug 11, 2016
Brands have become acutely aware of consumer interest in a healthy lifestyle and many companies have introduced a higher volume of female-focused fitness apparel. Though being athletic a few decades ago was more synonymous with masculinity, women are being encouraged to stay active in today's world.

Superstar Beyonce used her own star power to craft her female-focused fitness line called 'Ivy Park.' The sultry songstress uses femininity and fashion as the focal point of her brand image. Maternity clothing brand 'Ingrid & Isabel' also introduced active wear to its product range and created the 'Active Side Zip Jacket' that expands through a woman's pregnancy -- an issue that men never have to deal with.

Long gone are the days of women wearing baggy men's shirts and mundane loose track pants to play sports and workout. Women now have an array of choices to fit their specialized needs.