The Nike AeroReact Pullover Top and Half-Zip Supports Human Physiology

 - Oct 23, 2015
Running in the winter poses a few challenges -- the most common being what to wear. The women's Nike AeroReact Pullover Top and men's Nike AeroReact Half-Zip addresses this particular issue in a technologically advanced way in order to make such cold weather workouts much more enjoyable. They boast adaptable breathability to ensure the wearer doesn't overheat when well into their run.

Brian Stewart, Vice President of NXT’s Apparel Innovation team, says, "The apparel industry has always been based on the concept of layering. But how can we create apparel that adapts, so that as you change – as you heat up during your run – or as the weather changes around you, you don't have to make those adjustments?" The Nike AeroReact Pullover Top and Half-Zip do just that.