From Luxurious Maternity Wards to Simulated Hospital Experiences

 - Apr 5, 2016
These modern hospital innovations range from luxe maternity wards to simulated doctor's office appointments that replace routine visits with a more convenient alternative. When it comes to medical decor, sterile and utilitarian interiors are being replaced with more engaging spaces that are changing the way those with illnesses respond to treatment. While examples like aquatic-themed children's hospitals and vibrant medical clinics promote optimism, hospital room decor programs are designed to make a child's long-term hospital stay more inviting and cozy.

When examining connected health platforms, doctor-reviewing websites and web-based health insurance services are on the rise while diagnosis apps and wearables are helping users decipher common symptoms without having to visit their local doctor's office.

Furthermore, these modern hospital innovations also include interactive health monitors and cancer-detecting gloves. These examples are a testament to the evolving research of medical professionals who continue to look for new ways to treat both common and chronic illnesses.