This Pregnancy Test Comes with a App That Provides Fertility Resources

 - Jan 11, 2016
References: firstresponse & bustle
First Response has created an app-enabled pregnancy test that provides users with fertility resources. As many women have experienced, taking a pregnancy test can be an extremely emotional experience. This test features an accompany app that helps make the experience as pleasant as possible.

First Response Pregnancy Pro is a new type of pregnancy test that is compatible with the brand's accompanying Cycle & Ovulation app. Unlike a regular pregnancy test, First Response Pregnancy Pro comes with a testing stick that syncs to your smartphone. After the user has urinated on the stick, the app will display videos to distract them until the results are available. In addition, the accompanying app provides fertility resources such as articles, videos and important questions that users should ask their doctor.

The app-enabled pregnancy test ultimately gives women a modern way to tackle their reproductive health.