From Ovulation-Tracking Apps to Connected Male Fertility Tests

 - Sep 22, 2016
In recent years, a number of innovative fertility-tracking gadgets have been created to help women who are looking for ways to take control of their reproductive health. Additionally, many companies have also begun creating fertility-oriented products for previously ignored consumers such as men and same-sex couples.

When it comes to fertility trackers for women, these products can range from ultra-simple to extremely high-tech. For those who are simply looking to track their period, there are a number of apps and wearable devices such as the Bellabeat Leaf, which can monitor menstruation. For women who are looking for a more advanced fertility tracker, products such as Ayda, Ava and TempCue combine real data with advance algorithms to gives women a more accurate idea of when they are ovulating.

While there have been a number of advancements when it comes to fertility-tracking gadgets for women, there are also a number of innovative devices for those who are often left out of fertility discussions. These devices include connected male fertility tests and apps, as well as conception kits for same-sex couples.