This Thermometer-Based Wearable from Yono Labs Tracks Female Fertility

 - Aug 10, 2015
References: kickstarter & fastcodesign
Yono Labs designed a high-tech, in-ear, temperature-tracking device that monitors a women's basal body temperature. The basal body temperature will indicate when a woman is most fertile. The device is called the 'Fertility Friend' and measures the body's core temperature, which reveals the most accurate way to determine female fertility rates.

This app-connected wearable continuously monitors the user's temperature through the wearable thermometer that is placed inside their ear. This high-tech device from Yono Labs works best in the morning after being worn during a full night's sleep. When used regularly, the wearable device will convey information to the data-tracking app. Over the course of a month, there is enough data to present when the user is most fertile.

The Fertility Friend is an extremely helpful app that can aid couples who are trying conceive, without seeking potentially expensive professional help.