The Ovia Fertility Digitally Monitors Menstrual and Ovulation Cycles

 - May 21, 2016
References: ovuline & appadvice
To help women have a better understanding of their bodies, the Ovia Fertility app offers consumers a digital way to track and monitor their menstrual and ovulation cycle. The app serves as a way consumers can keep track of their period, find out when their fertility rates are the highest and provide data-based predictions to dates for both. The app works off of a systemized algorithm that is able to provide detailing predictions based on collected data from the user.

The Ovia Fertility is formatted to be an Excel sheet, allowing users to input data about their most recent period, spotting or lack-there-of. From there, the app is able to predict when the next cycle will be. The Excel sheet format can be downloaded as well, to be used outside the platform.

In addition, the platform expands past simple monitoring to provide links and tips about the female body with linked articles.