From Male Lipstick Ads to Female Lumberjack Campaigns

 - Jan 17, 2017
In recent years, gender-inclusive marketing has become a top priority for big and small brands alike. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly clear that consumers are eager to see a break from the rigid gender roles that have long dominated the advertising world.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in gender-inclusive marketing has been the expanded role of women. No longer limited to fashion and beauty ads, women are now shown taking on strong and more powerful roles. For instance, in H&M's ad for its Fall 2016 collection, the brand decided to turn a famously misogynist song on its head and use it to redefine how society sees women.

Of course, not all examples of gender-inclusive marketing are focused on subverting the role of women. For instance, THINX -- a company that produces period underwear -- recently included a trans man in its print ads to bring attention to the fact that the vast majority of ads for menstrual products are only targeted towards cis females. Another groundbreaking campaign was CoverGirl's inclusion of a male beauty ambassador in the ads for its 'So Lashy!' mascara.

While traditional gender roles still reign supreme in many ad campaigns, it is clear that consumers are no longer content with the status quo.