This Ad About Restroom Laws Was Made to Run During Trump's Speech

 - Jul 20, 2016
References: youtube & adweek
As a part of the 'Nationwide Transgender Equality Campaign,' a new ad that reveals the discrimination many Americans face in regard to oppressive restroom laws was created.

It's reported that the ad was made with the intention to run during the Republican National Convention on Fox news. In response to Donald Trump's rhetoric, many activist groups have come together to fight against the dangerous statements put forth in the media. With the ad from the Nationwide Transgender Equality Campaign, viewers are made to understand restroom laws from the perspective of a transgender person.

She begins by briefly summarizing what it means to identify as trans and offers an understanding towards the ignorant opinions that the community is often faced by. She then continues to explain the dangers that can result from not allowing people to use the restroom that they identify with, noting violence and harassment against innocent people as possible outcomes.