From Designer Parody Lines to Ironically Luxurious Apparel

 - Jun 28, 2017
These satirical streetwear examples range from designer parody lines to ironic luxury apparel that is modeled after concert security uniforms. Vetements is no stranger to pushing style boundaries and its iconic staff tee is a great example of a seemingly ordinary clothing staple that is elevated to new heights with a satirical spin.

Inspired by the widely successful label, parody brand VETEMEMES creates affordable and humorous versions of Vetements staples, and most recently announced that it will launch a new Boolenciaga brand -- a fun twist on the Boolenciaga logo and brand aesthetic.

Other satirical streetwear examples to note include ih nom uh nit's Narcos-inspired hoodie, adorned with the series' lead Pablo Escobar. The hoodie is a hilarious take on popular concert merchandise like Justin Bieber's best-selling Purpose Tour apparel and replaces the star's face with that of a pop culture television icon.

Targeting high fashion fans with a sense of humor, these satirical streetwear examples remix popular logos and design elements in an effort to offer affordable and personalized versions of luxury staples.