Boolenciaga is a Parody Fashion Label by Davil Tran

 - Jun 16, 2017
References: vetememes & designtaxi
Davil Tran is the founder of the copycat brand VETEMEMES, and will soon be launching the parody brand Boolenciaga.

Boolenciaga is a play on the designer label 'Balenciaga,' and its products will be somewhat inspired by the real thing. It will offer "alternative garments that feature a mocking resemblance to their high fashion counterparts," and at a significantly reduced price than those counterparts. Currently, the brand is selling Boolenciaga hats in black and red, and will soon be releasing more items inspired by the real Balenciaga label.

This parody fashion brand takes the common practice of selling fake designers goods and flips it around so that it can be viewed as something modern and relevant, as opposed to exploitative and low in quality.