The New THINX Ads Feature a Trans Man Wearing Period Underwear

 - May 17, 2016
References: bustle
THINX recently launched a groundbreaking new ad campaign that features a trans man wearing period underwear. While the vast majority of menstrual products are marketed towards women, there are many trans men who rely on the same products. This inclusive campaign highlights the needs of trans men by including them alongside female models in THINX's new ads.

The new THINX ads promote the brand's popular line of period underwear, which is designed to help prevent leaks during menstruation. What makes the new ads truly groundbreaking is the inclusion of transgender model Sawyer DeVuyst. In the ads, DeVuyst and other models are flipped upside down in order to covey THINX's goal of shifting the way we think and talk about periods. The models are also featured alongside cheeky captions such as "The bodega guy is srsly judging my midnight snack choice" and "I'm really not try'na stain my date's sheets later tonight," which take a lighthearted approach to the often taboo topic.