The Trans at Work Campaign Highlights Trans People's Accomplishments

 - Jun 1, 2016
References: buzzfeed
In an effort to raise awareness of employment issues and discrimination that trans people face, the 'Trans at Work' equality-promoting campaign chooses to highlight the accomplishments and successes of various trans and gender-nonconforming people.

The campaign comes in the format of a photo series taken by Samantha Cooper and aims to spread the world as much as possible with accompanying hashtags such as #TransAtWork and #HireTrans. The pictures and video feature many successful trans people -- including nurses, park rangers, data scientists, lawyers, advocates and performers. The people in the photo series discuss why they think the campaign is important and what makes this equality-promoting movement desirable for trans people and employers alike.

As North America becomes increasingly inclusive but still requires help in some issues, photo series such as this one are helping to continue the path towards equality.