- Jul 18, 2016
The fight for women's rights are supported in numerous campaigns focused on empowering females. These campaigns come in various forms -- pop-ups, print ads, commercials or comedic videos -- but they all have the same goal.

Nike is one company that knows how to command attention through its 'Just Do It' campaigns that are aimed at women. Recently it released one such commercial in India, a country where women are traditionally seen as subordinate and delicate. The video included a full-cast of female Indian athletes who demonstrated their power and strength through sport and movement. Its hard not to be enraptured by the ad.

Yet, female empowerment is not just about women speaking out. An 'All Men Can' campaign, started by PolicyMic, focused on men using the hashtag #AllMenCan to show their support for women's rights.

Using campaigns for empowering females not only helps to fight back against social injustice, but it also builds a loyal following from women who feel heard and appreciated by brands that focus on advocating for them.

From Athletic Ads Empowering Females to Male Feminist Hashtags: