Project Everyone Remade a Spice Girls Music Video for Women's Rights

 - Jul 6, 2016
References: glamourmagazine & ew
It's no wonder that Project Everyone used Spice Girls' 'Wannabe' music video as a means to deliver a strong message about women's rights and equality. Spice Girls was a female pop group phenomenon and its main slogan, "Girl Power," empowered little girls globally.
It's hard to believe that the Spice Girls' first hit, Wannabe, came out nearly two decades ago. The song can be played practically anywhere in the world and it wouldn't be surprising to hear people singing along.

Project Everyone's remake of Wannabe went viral overnight and is similar to the original music video except in this new version, each scene sends a distinct message about what women "really really want." The video spans across cultures with clips from different parts of the world. Various groups of women and girls are seen throughout the music video including many global celebrities and personalities. Several of the Spice Girls' have also advocated for Project Everyone's interpretation of Wannabe.

The organization is using this video as a tool to make some "noise" and is encouraging people everywhere to tweet about #WhatIReallyReallyWant for women. The end goal is to build momentum and present all these ideas of what women want to world leaders and the UN in September.