This Women Empowering Ad Flips Stereotypes Upside Down

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: adweek
The stereotype of construction workers is that during their breaks, they will sit back and taunt and jeer women walking past; this women empowering ad from ‘Snickers’ reverses that and has the construction workers shouting compliments to passing women. During the commercial, each woman that is yelled at looks up expecting to hear something nasty said to them, but instead they get compliments and motivation shouted at them. It is a different time that we live in, where equality is no longer wanted by women, but by men as well.

When you look up at a construction site and see rough grizzled men staring down at you it can be intimidating. Each woman cracks a smile and laughs as they are motivated. One woman is yelled at say that the color of her sweater is very nice on her. It will always brighten your day when someone tells you to have a lovely day.