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Keeping up with developing consumer interests, commercials are constantly adapting to feature new and unexpected formats. From viral content to innovative brand marketing strategies and humorous campaigns, Trend Hunter’s commercials category is here to showcase all the different methods brands are using to capture consumer attention.
play_circle_filled Mythical Car Campaigns
Mythical Car Campaigns
Ford Launched a New Ad Campaign for Its Bronco Sport with Three Spots
Ford launched a new ad campaign to promote the release of its new Bronco Sport, where the various ads all have the tag line G.O.A.T., or greatest of all time. Ford launched three ads in total,... MORE
Dry January Ad Campaigns
Dry January Ad Campaigns
Budweiser Launched a Budweiser Zero Campaign with High-Profile Athletes
Budweiser launched a Dry January campaign for Budweiser Zero and is using high profile athletes to promote the campaign, including NFL and NBA athletes and more. The Budweiser Zero campaign is... MORE
Nostalgic Electric Car Campaigns
Nostalgic Electric Car Campaigns
Ford Launched a "Christmas Vacation" Ad for the Electric Mustang
Ford launched an ad promoting the electric Mustang with cast members from the famous film, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” the 60-second ad aired on Saturday Night Live’s Christmas... MORE
play_circle_filled Hilarious Holiday Rum Campaigns
Hilarious Holiday Rum Campaigns
Captain Morgan and Actor Josh Gad Debut 'Twas the End of 2020'
Ahead of the holidays, Captain Morgan recruited award-winning actor Josh Gad to star in the new ‘Twas the End of 2020, an “audio retelling of a classic holiday tale we all know and love,... MORE
Virtual-Celebrating Holiday Ads
Virtual-Celebrating Holiday Ads
Pandora's 2020 Holiday Ad Makes the Best of the Circumstances
Pandora’s 2020 holiday ad takes the New Normal into account, focusing on video call get-togethers with its ‘Holiday Hits Different’ ad spot. In the ad, a narrator suggests that... MORE
Relatable Pandemic Dating Ads
Relatable Pandemic Dating Ads
Bumble's 2020 Ad Spot Stars Helena Bonham Carter
Bumble’s 2020 ad spot tapped Helena Bonham Carter to deliver a humorous and highly relatable message about dating. The ad opens with Bonham Carter lounging on a chair, warning the viewer that... MORE
Dreamy Dog Tech Ads
Dreamy Dog Tech Ads
Microsort's Find Your Joy Ad Stars a Family Pet Named Rufus
Microsort’s Find Your Joy ad uses an adorable dog to demonstrate the powerful connection and joy that can come from technology. In the 90-second ad, a family pet named Rufus is bored at home,... MORE
Relatable Lockdown Ads
Relatable Lockdown Ads
This McDonald's France Ad Sees Lockdown from a Child's Perspective
This McDonald’s France ad spot looks at lockdown from a child’s perspective, offering a quirky but relatable take on the past year. In the ad, a fed-up young girl is begging santa to... MORE
Self-Service Ads
Platforms are making it easier to create and manage mobile ads
Trend - Mobile platforms are making it increasingly easy to place and manage ads through new tools and self-service systems. This empowers organizations to create high-level content, without the need to spend significant resources producing an ad. The B2B solution allows more companies to advertise to large numbers of viewers.
Workshop Question - How can your organization benefit from increased visibility with younger consumers?
play_circle_filled Mysterious Snacking Ads
Mysterious Snacking Ads
Cheetos is Introducing Crunch Pop Mix with a Super Bowl Ad Spot
Cheetos’ Crunch Pop Mix is a new snack that promises to steal the spotlight at Super Bowl LV thanks to an ad spot featuring Ashton Kutcher. At the last Super Bowl, Cheetos introduced Cheetos... MORE
Comprehensive Fitness Campaigns
Comprehensive Fitness Campaigns
FitTrack's 'Live Your True Health' Ad Focuses on More Than Weight
Smart scale brand, FitTrack, recently partnered with Toronto-based The Garden to launch the new global campaign, ‘Live Your True Health.’ The campaign tackles long-standing industry myths,... MORE
Drink-Sponsored Football Events
Drink-Sponsored Football Events
Pepsi's 2021 Super Bowl Ad Will Kickoff the Halftime Show
Pepsi’s 2021 Super Bowl ad will be on of its biggest yet, as the beverage brand serves as the official sponsor for this year’s game. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest days of the year... MORE
play_circle_filled Year-Crushing Monster Truck Ads
Year-Crushing Monster Truck Ads
Checkers' Monster Truck Ad Crushes Everything Awful in 2020
2020 was a frustrating year, and there’s no better way to celebrate its completion than to watch it get destroyed—this is exactly what Checkers did in its latest Monster Truck ad spot.... MORE
play_circle_filled Mystery Guest Chip Ads
Mystery Guest Chip Ads
The New Doritos 3D Crunch Ad Will Spotlight a Secret Celebrity Guest
To promote Doritos 3D Crunch, Frito-Lay will be launching a new ad at the Super Bowl that will feature a mystery celebrity. As a part of a short teaser for the full-length ad, talk show host Jimmy... MORE
Reassuring Vaccine Ad Spots
Reassuring Vaccine Ad Spots
These Heartfelt Clips Remind Consumers That the Vaccine is Hope
Despite reassurance from the greatest scientific and medical minds, a portion of the global population is uncomfortable with the now-approved COVID-19 vaccines—this heartfelt vaccine ad spot... MORE
play_circle_filled Judgement-Free Veganism Ads
Judgement-Free Veganism Ads
Allplants' Ad Understands How Hard It is to Quit Cheese
Allplants’s ad understands how hard it is to transition to a vegan diet, rolling out a hilariously relatable ad spot that reminds consumers to just do their best. The New Year is typically the... MORE
Football-Themed Ad Campaigns
Football-Themed Ad Campaigns
Frito-Lay is Running Three Super Bowl Ads with Former NFL Players
Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo, will run three Super Bowl ads for the first time to promote its various snack brands including, Doritos and Cheetos. Frito-Lay is leveraging high profile athletes... MORE
play_circle_filled Star-Studded Sports Drink Commercials
Star-Studded Sports Drink Commercials
Carrie Underwood Stars in the New Bodyarmor Lyte Ad
Hopping on the common new years resolution of living a more healthy lifestyle that so many consumers strive for, a new Bodyarmor Lyte ad was launched, which features beloved country singer Carrie... MORE
play_circle_filled Pandmeic Safety Ad Campaigns
Pandmeic Safety Ad Campaigns
Ford Launched Its #Finishstrong Campaign to Encourage Safety
The Ford Motor Company launched its #FinishStrong campaign to encourage viewers to stay safe during the next few months to help the United States recover from the pandemic. The #FinishStrong... MORE
play_circle_filled Cryogenic Pizza Services
Cryogenic Pizza Services
Boston Pizza is Promoting BP Classics with Low-Temperature Refrigeration
Boston Pizza’s nostalgic BP Classics menu is being promoted with a cryogenic pizza service that promises to keep favorite items available forever. The BP Cryogenics Program is part of the BP... MORE
Vividly Dreamy Whisky Ads
Vividly Dreamy Whisky Ads
Glenmorangie's Delicious and Wonderful Ad Spot is Quirky
Glenmorangie’s Delicious and Wonderful ad spot takes a swift departure from the classic tropes used in Whiskey ads to offer the viewer something a little more whimsical and playful. The ad,... MORE
Surprise Choir Ad Spots
Surprise Choir Ad Spots
Teleflora's Impromptu Choir Ad Speaks to Community and Connection
As part of its ‘Love Out Loud’ campaign, Teleflora has released a series of heart warming ads that centre around the connections we make in the midst of the pandemic—its latest ad... MORE
play_circle_filled Beer-Inspired Snowman Campaigns
Beer-Inspired Snowman Campaigns
The Coors Light 'Holiday Beerman' is a Festive Tradition for Adult
Coors Light recently launched a festive tradition for adults dubbed the ‘Holiday Beerman.’ The new campaign is designed to help adults enjoy the holidays, despite them feeling anything... MORE
play_circle_filled Independent News Campaigns
Independent News Campaigns
German Broadcaster Deutsche Welle Launches a Free Speech Campaign
Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle has launched it’s Free Speech campaign with a new short film that highlights what keeps autocrats up at night: a free and independent press.... MORE
Hellish Love Match Ads
Hellish Love Match Ads
Satan and 2020 find a love connection in this ad from
Most are familiar with the phrase “a match made in heaven” but the latest ad from re-images that phrase by offering a glimpse into what a “match from hell” might... MORE