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Keeping up with developing consumer interests, commercials are constantly adapting to feature new and unexpected formats. From viral content to innovative brand marketing strategies and humorous campaigns, Trend Hunter’s commercials category is here to showcase all the different methods brands are using to capture consumer attention.
play_circle_filled Celeb-Hosted Superbowl Parties
Celeb-Hosted Superbowl Parties
Groupon and Rob Gronkowski Invite Fans to 'Party Like a Player'
Experience-focused marketplace Groupon has tapped NFL player Rob ‘Gronk’ Gronkowski for its lastest Super Bowl ‘Party Like a Player’ marketing campaign. As part of the new... MORE
Disruptive Honey Marketing Campaigns
Disruptive Honey Marketing Campaigns
Nature Nate's Launches New Ad Campaign, 'Ingredients: Honey'
Nature Nate’s Honey Company has announced the launch of a new brand awareness campaign titled ‘Ingredients: Honey.’ According to the company, the new ad push aims to “remind... MORE
Rapper-Backed Burger Menus
Rapper-Backed Burger Menus
Rapper Fat Joe Introduces Burger-Filled 'Joenuary' at White Castle
Old-school rap icon Fat Joe has teamed up with American fast-serve restaurant White Castle to launch ‘Joenuary,’ a limited-time burger range that will be sold throughout the entire month... MORE
Remixed Music Soda Commercials
Remixed Music Soda Commercials
The Pepsi MAX Christmas Refreshed TV Ad Updates Classic Tunes
The Pepsi MAX Christmas Refreshed TV ad is arriving in time for the holiday season as a commercial that encourages consumers to give their classic Christmas traditions a bit of an update this year.... MORE
Witty Advertising Campaigns
Witty Advertising Campaigns
'Munster Donuts' Is Running a Self-Referential Marketing Campaign
‘Munster Donuts,’ based out of Munster, Indiana, has begun a campaign full of self-referential marketing. The campaign began at an Indiana football game where Munster Donuts ran an... MORE
play_circle_filled Safe Social Interaction Campaigns
Safe Social Interaction Campaigns
EXTRA Gum Launches the New 'CHEW IT BEFORE YOU DO IT' Campaign
In anticipation of the roaring 2020s and post-pandemic life, EXTRA Gum recently debuted a new ‘Chew It Before You Do It’ campaign. The new marketing scheme is described as “an ode... MORE
Beverage-Branded Retro Refrigerators
Beverage-Branded Retro Refrigerators
SMEG Teams up with Coca-Cola to Launch Stylish Refrigerators
SMEG, the renowned appliance brand, has partnered with Coca-Cola for its newest line of beverage-branded retro refrigerators in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Coca-Cola’s famous... MORE
play_circle_filled Movie-Themed Restaurant Meals
Movie-Themed Restaurant Meals
Zaxby's & Sony Pictures Teamed Up for Ghostbusters-Themed Items
Zaxby’s teamed up with Sony Pictures to create Ghostbusters-themed meals for the new movie’s launch. The restaurant incorporated the Ghostbusters Mini-Pufts characters into its TV spots... MORE
Protective SPF
Sunscreens are adapted with ingredients that also offer protection from blue light
Trend - It's been shown that blue light, which emits from screens, can have an impact on the health of consumers' skin. Now, SPF products that protect users from UV radiation are also incorporating ingredients that tackle blue light exposure.
Workshop Question - How is your brand accommodating customers' lifestyles?
Winter Pasta Promotions
Winter Pasta Promotions
Happy Joe's Has Debuted 'Pasta Palooza' to Keep Consumers Warm and Fed
Happy Joe’s has debuted ‘Pasta Palooza,’ a new promotion where the restaurant will serve pasta in addition to its famous pizzas. Beginning January 17th and lasting until February... MORE
play_circle_filled Diversity-Focused Fitness Campaigns
Diversity-Focused Fitness Campaigns
Gymshark Launches New Marketing Campaign, 'United We Sweat'
Fitness apparel brand Gymshark has launched its first North America-targeted marketing campaign titled ‘United We Sweat.’ The new campaign aims to support the brand’s expansion... MORE
play_circle_filled Black Community-Focused Ads
Black Community-Focused Ads
A Team of Black Creatives Designed Frito-Lay's 'The Block' Campaign
As part of Frito Lay’s ‘#JoyFULLYBlack’ initiative, the iconic snack food brand has teamed up with media company Revolt to launch ‘The Block,’ a video-based campaign... MORE
play_circle_filled Olympic Meal Delivery Campaigns
Olympic Meal Delivery Campaigns
SkipTheDishes Debuted a New Campaign in Honor of the Olympics
In celebration of Team Canada and the Olympics, SkipTheDishes—Canada’s most trusted food delivery network—is inviting fans to support local Canadian restaurants while they cheer on... MORE
play_circle_filled LGBTQ+ Vodka Campaigns
LGBTQ+ Vodka Campaigns
SKYY Vodka Supports the LGBTQ+ Community with 'Coming Out (Again)' Campaign
Last spring, SKYY Vodka launched an empowering and playful ad campaign called ‘Coming Out (Again)’ that aimed to support LGBTQ+ night life venues and workers. The campaign featured a 30... MORE
play_circle_filled Puppet-Starring Oat Milk Campaigns
Puppet-Starring Oat Milk Campaigns
Oatley Launches 'The New Norm & Al Show' Mini-Series
Oatley, an oat milk brand that has recently exploded in popularity, has launched an innovative new ad campaign featuring talking puppets dubbed, ‘The New Norm & Al Show.’ According... MORE
play_circle_filled Rapper-Backed Housing Ads
Rapper-Backed Housing Ads & Big Boi Team Up for 'Our First Big Boi House' Campaign with the help of creative agency ‘Majority’ recently announced the launch of a new campaign with music icon Big Boi dubbed ‘Our First Big Boi House.’ During the... MORE
play_circle_filled Horse-Supporting NFTs
Horse-Supporting NFTs
VisitLex Has Launched a Collection of Horse NFTs in a New Humorous Campaign
Lexington, Kentucky, one of the leaders in world-class thoroughbred horses, has launched a charitable initiative involving a collection of horse NFTs. The ‘Non Fungible Thoroughbreds’... MORE
play_circle_filled Streaming Series Deodorants
Streaming Series Deodorants
Old Spice Joins Forces with Netflix to Launch 'The Witcher' Collab
Old Spice and Netflix recently joined forces to launch a new line of deodorants alongside an ad campaign that promotes the lastest series of ‘The Witcher,’ that premieres on December 17th.... MORE
play_circle_filled Bakery Donation Campaigns
Bakery Donation Campaigns
Panera's Day-End Dough-Nation Program Serves Over 3,500 Non-Profits
Panera’s Day-End Dough-Nation program serves over 3,500 non-profit organizations. At the end of every night, each Panera bakery-cafe rounds up onsold baked goods, including bread and pastries,... MORE
play_circle_filled Parody Stationary Bike Ads
Parody Stationary Bike Ads
The He's Alive Peloton Ad Follows a Big Moment in And Just Like That
After a shocking event in the official Sex and the City revival, And Just Like That, the He’s Alive Peloton ad was rapidly released. Within the course of 48 hours, Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum... MORE
play_circle_filled Gen Z-Targeted Jewelry Collections
Gen Z-Targeted Jewelry Collections
The Interlinked Collection Symbolizes Connection Between People
‘Wonther Jewelry’ has released the ‘Interlinked Collection,’ which is curated to the personalities of Gen Z consumers. The Interlinked Collection places an importance on... MORE
Chicken-Themed Cabin Getaways
Chicken-Themed Cabin Getaways
KFC's Kentucky Fried Chicken Firelog Cabin is a Branded Cozy Cabin
To celebrate the return of the 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog by Enviro-Log, KFC created a branded cozy cabin to treat fans to “the ultimate fried chicken getaway.” The Kentucky Fried... MORE
Uplifting Holiday Campaigns
Uplifting Holiday Campaigns
Louis Vuitton x Stacy Martin Celebrate Holidays in a New Campaign
Louis Vuitton has revealed ‘Holiday House,’ an uplifting holiday campaign with House Ambassador Stacy Martin. Holiday House features Stacy Martin participating in a variety of uplifting... MORE
Top 100 Commercials Trends in 2021
Top 100 Commercials Trends in 2021
From Musical Grooming Ads to Relatable Video Call Ads
The top 2021 commercials were created to humor, inspire and uplift during unprecedented times, and they span a range of industries from food and finance to jewelry and technology. Some standout 2021... MORE
Fast-Food Anniversary Promotions
Fast-Food Anniversary Promotions
Burger King is Celebrating the Whopper Burger's 64th Anniversary
Burger King is showing itself to have one of the most consumer-appealing fast-food anniversary promotions. In celebration of the 64th anniversary of Burger King’s flagship burger, the ‘... MORE