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Keeping up with developing consumer interests, commercials are constantly adapting to feature new and unexpected formats. From viral content to innovative brand marketing strategies and humorous campaigns, Trend Hunter’s commercials category is here to showcase all the different methods brands are using to capture consumer attention.
play_circle_filled Viral Mascot Deaths
Viral Mascot Deaths
Planters' Mr. Peanut is Dead & the Funeral Will Be Aired During the Super Bowl
It is official — beloved Planters mascot Mr. Peanut is dead at 104 years-old. The playful character gave his life to save his friends and the company pledges that “he will [always] be... MORE
play_circle_filled Celebrity-Endorsed Vegetarian Meatballs
Celebrity-Endorsed Vegetarian Meatballs
Martha Stewart Endorses Subway's Beyond Meatball Subs
In a hilarious new commercial, Subway Canada uses celebrity chef and home-maker Martha Stewart to endorse their newest product: Beyond Meatball Subs. Stewart emphasizes the plant-based nature of the... MORE
Super Bowl Teaser Ads
Super Bowl Teaser Ads
MTN DEW Preemptively Captures Consumer Attention Ahead of the Super Bowl
This Super Bowl teaser ad is short and sweet.  Every year, the sporting event sends brands into a marketing frenzy as many attempts to curate entertaining commercials to air on the big day.... MORE
Top 100 Commercial Trends in 2019
Top 100 Commercial Trends in 2019
From Analytic Ad Partnerships to Football-Themed Deodorant Ads
All of the 2019 commercial trends were designed to captivate audiences, and entice consumers into making purchases. Advertisers are continuously having to create content that stands out to consumers... MORE
Athlete-Focused Inspiration Ads
Athlete-Focused Inspiration Ads
Under Armour Launched Its 'The Only Way is Through' Campaign
Under Armour launched its new global ad campaign titled, ‘The Only Way Is Through.’ The campaign features a number of different famous athletes including Steph Curry, Tom Brady, Kelley O&#... MORE
Ad Insertion Technology Releases
Ad Insertion Technology Releases
Spotify Revealed Its New Advertiser Empowering System at CES 2020
Spotify announced, at CES 2020, that it created ad insertion technology for podcasts on the platform. The ad insertion technology will give podcasters access to a number of different demographic... MORE
play_circle_filled Provocative Gender Inequality Ads
Provocative Gender Inequality Ads
Plan International Debuted the Powerful 'Girls First' Campaign
A powerful video by Plan International shows the life-threatening impacts of living in a world designed for men. This provocative video underscores the tangible ways women and girls’ lives are... MORE
play_circle_filled Mostly-Sober Beer Campaigns
Mostly-Sober Beer Campaigns
Mill64 is the Perfect Beer for 'Dry-ish January' at 2.8% ABV
Many people attempt to go take a break from alcohol in the month of January, and Miller64 is helping its customers remain sober-ish with its low calorie beer that boasts a 2.8% ABV and only 64... MORE
Lighthearted Altruism
Campaigns focused on inclusiveness take on a more casual tone
Trend - Brands and organizations looking to signify a commitment to diversity are doing so with marketing campaigns that have an unexpectedly light and sometimes even sarcastic tone to them. This stands in stark contrast to the typically serious and emotion-driven style that's come to be characteristic of this content.
Workshop Question - What are some ways your brand could approach a serious topic with a respectful but radically honest approach?
Top 100 Marketing Trends for 2020
Top 100 Marketing Trends for 2020
From Paperboard Soda Packaging to Fragranced Festive Pop-Ups
This round-up of 2020 marketing trends cover many different ways that the vast variety of existing industries are connecting with their respective consumers. There are many approaches on an endless... MORE
play_circle_filled Viral-Themed Prescription Ads
Viral-Themed Prescription Ads
Singlecare and Martin Sheen Show Americans How to Save Money
SingleCare, the free prescription savings service, recently launched a hilarious commercial featuring actor Martin Sheen where he goes on a viral rant about the expensive costs of prescription drugs... MORE
play_circle_filled Celebratory Heart-Warming Commercials
Celebratory Heart-Warming Commercials
Nike Released an Ad That Celebrates Chinese New Year
No matter what technology or innovative technique is involved, a heart-warming commercial has always the potential to capture consumer attention — if done right. From the looks of it, Nike was... MORE
Podcast Advertising Tools
Podcast Advertising Tools
Puma Bolstered Ad Recall Using Spotify's Streaming Ad Insertion Tools
Puma recently leveraged the Streaming Ad Insertion technology on the Spotify platform, in an effort to bolster the brand’s ad recall. Spotify’s Streaming Ad Insertion technology is able... MORE
play_circle_filled Revamped Iconic Beer Campaigns
Revamped Iconic Beer Campaigns
Budweiser Canada and Uber Revived the Classic 'Whassup' Campaign
Budweiser Canada partnered with Uber to launch a new ad that will play during Super Bowl LIV. The ad is a continuation of the iconic ‘Whassup’ campaign, which aired 20 years ago, and it... MORE
play_circle_filled Inspiring Inclusive Haircare Ads
Inspiring Inclusive Haircare Ads
Tigi Haircare Debuted the 'You Can Always Start Over' Campaign
The “gift” of starting over is highlighted in the luxury salon service brand Tigi Haircare’s new ‘You Can Always Start Over’ campaign. The campaign features a series of... MORE
play_circle_filled Football-Themed Snack Ads
Football-Themed Snack Ads
Frito-Lay Launched a Football Campaign Ahead of the Super Bowl
Frito-Lay launched a new football campaign to promote its various chip brands ahead of the Super Bowl. The campaign is titled ‘Ready for Crunchtime,’ and it focuses on purchasing many... MORE
play_circle_filled Homage-Paying Farewell Videos
Homage-Paying Farewell Videos
The Latest Volkswagen Campaign Bids Farewell to the Iconic Beetle
Instead of calling attention to a new innovation or product, the latest Volkswagen campaign is actually a farewell video for the auto manufacturer’s classic Beetle. The history of the car is... MORE
play_circle_filled Nostalgic Classic Car Campaigns
Nostalgic Classic Car Campaigns
Volkswagen's 'Last Mile Campaign' Marks the End of the Beetle Line
Volkswagen launched a social media campaign to mark the end of its iconic Beetle line of cars. The company titled the campaign ‘The Last Mile,’ and it encourages people to share memories... MORE
play_circle_filled Cult-Movie Inspired Ads
Cult-Movie Inspired Ads
QuickBooks Taps Annie Potts’ Ghostbuster Character
A popular but grumpy Ghostbusters character is returning in the present thanks to a marketing campaign by QuickBooks. The initiative is titled ‘QuickBooks: The Easy Way to a Happier Business’... MORE
play_circle_filled Quirky Vintage Commercials
Quirky Vintage Commercials
Skellefteå Kraft's '100% Renewable Advertising' Reuses Vintage Footage
Skellefteå Kraft, a Swedish electricity company, recently announced its renewable energy for businesses and private consumers with the launch of its 100% Renewable Advertising commercial. The... MORE
play_circle_filled Over-the-Top Vacation Ads
Over-the-Top Vacation Ads
First Choice Unveiled a "Ridiculous" Holiday Deal Commercial
To showcase how affordable First Choice is for holiday vacations, the brand has repositioned itself away from expensive all-inclusive packages in favor of wallet-friendly customizable deals with it&#... MORE
play_circle_filled Resolution-Focused Vacation Ads
Resolution-Focused Vacation Ads Released the 'Booking for Every Resolution' Campaign
In a clever new marketing campaign, has leveraged the time of year for resolutions to create a heartwarming campaign called ‘Booking for Every Resolution.’ The Booking for... MORE
play_circle_filled Meme-Inspired Smartphone Ads
Meme-Inspired Smartphone Ads
Samsung's Galaxy A 'Awesome is for Everyone' Speaks to Gen Z
Samsung’s Galaxy A was “built for the era of live” and a time where people are passionate about creatively and spontaneously capturing moments. To introduce the new phone, its high-... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends in December
Top 100 Marketing Trends in December
From Cheeky Marketing Strategies to Merchandise Promotions
This month’s round-up of December 2019 marketing trends dive into the different ways that brands of every industry are connecting with their consumers. There are many that explore the vast... MORE
play_circle_filled Tongue-in-Cheek QSR Campaigns
Tongue-in-Cheek QSR Campaigns
Burger King UK Recently Launched 'A Whopper of a Secret' Campaign
With 2019 almost behind us, Burger King UK launched the ‘A Whopper of a Secret’ campaign that playfully takes a poke at one of its quick-serve rivals. During the commercial, Burger... MORE