This Hospital Chair Has High Walls and an Embracing Design

The neonatal ward of a hospital can already be a stressful and challenging environment, especially for mothers attempting to nurse for the first time and parents of premature babies -- but now, there's a hospital chair that can provide some comfort.

The Embrace Chair is a new hospital chair design by Ricky Kloosterman, a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven. The unconventional hospital chair has high walls made of hospital-grade leather, surrounded by a layer of protective hardwood. It also has the appropriate hookups for IV lines and other medical necessities. If introduced into hospitals, the Embrace Chair would provide a level of privacy and comfort not often seen in medical environments.

It's a perfect option for nursing mothers requiring skin-to-skin contact with new-born babies. In addition, it could be applied for use in chemotherapy, where patients often have to sit for long periods of time to receive treatment.