This Game is Designed to Help Pateints Regain Muscle Control

 - Dec 16, 2015
References: neofect & psfk
The 'RAPAEL Smart Rehabilitation System' is a combination of software and hardware that is designed to help patients regain muscle control. One of the common side effects of suffering a stroke is losing control of the muscle groups on one side of the body. In order to help restore control, patients often undergo intense physical therapy.

The RAPAEL system is designed to mimics the process of physical rehabilitation by concentrating on the importance of repetition. The system features a Smart Glove, which fits over the patient's hand and works to monitor their movements. The Smart Glove is designed to be used as a controller for games, meaning patients are forced to move their hand and bend their fingers in order to exert control. The glove can then provide doctors with information about the patient's performance and how treatment can be improved.

The RAPAEL system takes a gamified approach to physical therapy in order to make the rehabilitation process less arduous for the patient.