From Couture Cannabis Loafers to Nostalgic Sneaker Sandals

 - May 31, 2015
These May 2015 shoes embrace eccentric and playful elements. The products range from couture cannabis loafers to vibrant sneaker sandals that are reflective of a 90s aesthetic.

Marking fashion's return to opulence, teddy bear slippers, tinsel-adorned heels and thigh-high gladiator boots are just some of the bold styles that are prevalent this month. The season's artistic footwear makes a bold statement and lets understated clothing fans leave an impression with a unique pair of shoes.

On the marketing front, May 2015 shoes are displayed in chic catalogs and campaigns that embraces suggestive themes. While luxury brands are marketing with suggestive imagery, sportswear manufacturers are creating models that blend style with performance. Moreover, social good campaigns are providing adjustable footwear designs to children in third-world nations and are changing impoverished individuals' quality of life.