The New Planned Parenthood Clinics Meet the Changing Needs of Patients

After teaming up the global design agency IDEO, Planned Parenthood has come up with a series of six new clinic designs that will help to meet the changing needs of patients. With an estimated 2.5 million patients visiting Planned Parenthood clinics each year, the new design concepts are intended to improve the overall patient experience.

As part of the design collaboration, IDEO came up with six forward-facing concepts to be rolled out over the next five years. The new upgrades touch on many different areas of healthcare, with ideas ranging from standardizing employee empowerment training to digital menus listing the clinic's services in each waiting room. Many of these upgrades involve using new technology to connect patients with Planned Parenthood staff and educators. The overarching goal is to improve the patient experience for each individual, regardless of their social status, income or location.

The ambitious project demonstrates how healthcare providers can overhaul existing systems to meet changing patient needs in the ever-evolving medical sector.