From Russian Rental Warplanes to Annoying Teddy Bear Pranks

 - Nov 29, 2015
These November 2015 unique trends range from Russian rental warplanes to annoying teddy bear pranks that don's stop singing a Happy Birthday tune to unsuspecting recipients. While an annoying gift is a great way to make friends or loved ones smile, a hangover-curing canned soup is the perfect remedy for a night of heavy drinking.

Next to examples like dream-controlling masks and amphibious private jets, other standouts include miniature movie sets that mimic the intricacy and detail of life-sized stage and film props.

Other notable November 2015 unique trends include luxurious chicken daycare centers -- facilities that change the way society perceives farm animals -- along with dorm room restaurants that showcase a student's affinity for gourmet dishes. The latter offers quality food at a fraction of the restaurant price and will appeal to experiential dining fans.