The 'Granby Workshop' Repurposed an Old House to Make Home Products

 - Oct 27, 2015
References: assemblestudio & wallpaper
The 'Granby Workshop' was developed out of a derelict Liverpool home. The architecture, design and art collective named 'Assemble' has launched a line of furniture and decor pieces sourced from the abandoned house.

The handmade products vary from block-printed fabrics, ceramic tiles, burnt-timber furnishings, marble lampshades and cabinet handles. One of the most interesting products offered would be a collection of Sawdust Ceramic Handles. These clay knobs were wrapped in tin foil, buried with sawdust and set aflame for 12 hours.The items featured in the collection reflect the aesthetic of the Victorian home that was stripped and re-purposed to make them. The Granby Workshop embraces a crowdfunding model and money raised from its sales will go back into the business.