The Pico Aims to Do for Homemade Beer What the Keurig Did for Coffee

 - Oct 27, 2015
References: picobrew & forbes
The Pico home brewing system uses capsules -- similar to Keurig pods -- to make pints of homemade beer.

The previous model of the Pico machine was the PicoBrew Zymatic, which was a larger, more expensive model of the new Pico homemade beer brewer. The Zymatic also requires homemade beer makers to measure out their own portions of grain, hops and other ingredients. With the Pico, homemade beer can be made simply by inserting a pre-made packet of ingredients into the machine.

Most interestingly, PicoBrew will allow brewers to submit their own recipes for the homemade beer pods and offer royalties for recipes that are turned into pods. This will create an extremely streamlined and easy model for small brewers to offer their craft creations, and offer consumers a way to sample craft beers from around the world without leaving their own homes.