From Heated Ice Cream Scoops to Frozen Treat Sneaker Lines

 - Dec 23, 2015
These gifts for ice cream lovers range from heated scoops to sneakers that are inspired by refreshing frozen treats. Standouts include unique ice creams like a James Bond popsicle that is sculpted to resemble the iconic spy along with a wasabi ice cream tub that features exotic and unexpected flavors.

In addition to edible gift ideas, other favorites include ice cream-printed phone cases and faux popsicle notepads that are a fun stationary accessory for kids. Furthermore, examples like melted ice cream paintings and popsicle-inspired nail wraps will appeal to fans of DIY beauty routines and crafts while DIY ice cream kits are a fun gift for foodies who love to create confections at home.

Additionally smart ice cream makers and gelato delivery services target ice cream lovers who can get access to their favorite treats by connecting to their mobile devices.