This Gucci Lapel Pin by Valley Cruise Pays Tribute to Gucci Mane

 - Jun 24, 2015
References: valleycruisepress
When it comes to most rapper accessories, gold chains and hater-blocking shades come to mind but Valley Cruise has other ideas and is known for their nostalgic lapel pin products.

This enamel lapel pin celebrates the trials and tribulations of rapper Gucci Mane, known not only for his hit songs and acting roles in films like Spring Breakers but also for his Twitter rants and legal troubles. Perhaps the most shocking Gucci Mane trademark is the rapper's ice cream face tattoo that adorns this fun lapel pin.

Valley Cruse doesn't only specialize in rapper accessories like this Gucci Mane pin that is created in collaboration with Gangster Doodles but also includes designs inspired by mobile emojis and 90s pop culture icons like TV alien Alf.