From Leftover-Warming Plates to Stylish Knapsack Chargers

 - Dec 22, 2015
While it may seem easy at first, thinking of college student gift ideas may be a bit more difficult in practice. From leftover-warming plates to make the best of last night's pizza to pizza-shaped pillows to complement any dorm room, there are plenty of gift options for the college student in your life.

For those long walks to the laundromat, consider gifting a Chinese food takeout container laundry hamper that infuses the experience with a bit of playfulness. And perhaps for dressing laundry day, consider a vibrant ramen-covered shirt from Neon Aeon. Neon Aeon's amazing I Love Ramen collection features a variety of clothing and accessories that will make any college students affinity for instant noodles plain for everyone to see.