Shop Jeen's Fun Garment References Society's Social Media Obsession

 - May 4, 2015
References: shopjeen
Shop Jeen's printed emoji dress references society's social media obsession. The garment boasts an eye-catching motif that is adorned with familar images like a sunglasses-wearing happy face, a devil face and even a heart eyes emoji that celebrates love.

From instant messaging to Instagram, emojis have become a popular way for millennils to communicate and have replace lengthy text messages. As today's generation continues to communicate with cute images, these mobile and social media tools are even inspiring the clothes they wear.

Shop Jeen's emoji dress is a great example of this and illustrates the e-retailer's youthful consumer appeal. In addition to the web shop, a myriad of other brands have embraced emoji images and have cusomized the icons to appeal to their business model and marketing strategy.