O-Mighty's Emoji Bucket Hat References Cute Mobile Icons

 - Oct 27, 2014
References: shopjeen & shopjeen
Shop Jeen's emoji bucket hat is designed by urban retailer O-Mighty. The streetwear brand is known for their fun accessories and garments that are often adorned with pop-culture themed prints like this one that features adorable emoji icons.

If you're a fan of the fashion world's current, 90s revival, you'll love this nostalgic bucket hat accessory that is adorned with a vibrant emoji print. O-Mighty's emoji bucket hat is a statement piece that is worthy of Rihanna herself and is sure to spark up conversation among lovers of Instagram and text message emojis.

Technology is often the inspiration behind countless fashions like this statement hat that is both fun and humorous in its aesthetic. The piece is adorned with emojis like the crying face, the devil and the broken heart among others.