Redbeard Brew Bars Get You Clean Using a Recipe Including Actual Beer

 - Oct 31, 2015
References: shop.odditymall & odditymall
Soaps are traditionally fruity or soapy smelling, but not Redbeard Brew Bars which are infused with real beer to provide dudes with a masculine means of getting clean. Coming in a variety of different scents, Redbeard Brew Bars include such options as 'The Woodsman' that features an infusion of India Pale Ale, while 'Pumpkn Ale' variety is infused with coffee extracts for a perky finish that's sure to delight during your morning shower.

While the scents of Redbeard Brew Bars are great and the infusion of beer makes them hyper-masculine, the great part about the products is their dedication to your skin's health. Instead of nasty chemicals, Redbeard Brew Bars are made using ingredients like coconut oil and olive oil.