From Raw Charcoal Juices to Exfoliating Charcoal Cleansers

 - Feb 5, 2016
These charcoal beauty products range from exfoliating cleansers to raw juices that work to detoxify the body while brightening skin. Consisting of mostly carbon, the ingredient is a natural antioxidant and is quickly becoming one of the beauty industry's most popular secrets.

Standouts from this charcoal beauty range include Binchotan's charcoal exfoliating facial puff -- a cleaner that eliminates bacteria without irritating sensitive skin -- along with Flynn & King's detoxifying charcoal soaps that can be used to treat common skin irritation while getting rid of impurities.

Other notable examples range from coconut charcoal beauty masks and grooming products to charcoal-infused eye masks that are naturally formulated to cure common headaches by cooling the areas around one's eyes and temples.