This Charcoal Product Enhances Cotton Swabs with Detoxifying Properties

 - Sep 19, 2015
References: sephora
Activated charcoal is becoming a popular additive to skincare products, shampoos and other beauty items, but this charcoal product takes an unusual form.

Rather than functioning as an ordinary beauty swab, this 'Detox It Out: Charcoal Swab' from Sephora is designed to serve a double duty. While its dark surface makes it easy to removes mistakes made while applying light makeup, the charcoal swabs also purify the skin by absorbing impurities.

The double-sided cotton swabs have one round end for precise touch-ups, while the thicker side is geared towards addressing larger problem areas on the face. Although these swabs might not offer as much of a deep clean as other charcoal products, this is a handy cosmetic tool to keep around, especially since it has the ability to heal as well as correct.