The OneBowl Does Several Dishes Work in One

 - Jul 3, 2014
References: kickstarter
Created by Justin Herd, the OneBowl is a handy, innovative dish that allows you to cook, strain, eat and store your meal without transferring its contents. The microwave-safe bowl is equipped with a built-in strainer, activated by rotating handles, and a snap-on lid for further safe-keeping.

Herd's inspiration comes from a familiar story: As a college student, Herd survived on what he refers to as the "Ramen Noodles every day" diet. While ramen has many advantages (low cost, literally anyone can make it), it does require a fair share of dishes. One for cooking, one for straining, one for eating and yet another for storing.

Herd's idea combines every function of these separate bowls into one, making your tower of dirty dishes a thing of the past.