From Instant Noodle Holders to Comfortable Mobile Desks

 - Nov 24, 2015
With the holiday season in full swing, these presents for college students are perfect for those who are still in school. While tech-accessories are sure to be at the top of every college kid's wish list, there are also a number of gifts that help students adjust to living on their own.

For many college students, a busy course load often leaves little time to cook a proper meal. This means that microwave-friendly devices are prefect for helping stressed-out students enjoy a hot meal. These handy kitchen aids include instant noodle holders, leftover warming plates and even microwave kabob cookers.

For those who already have a well-stocked dorm room, you might want to purchase a gift that will help the student on your list get through their assignments. These handy homework helpers include compact laptop chargers, productivity-enhancing stationery and comfortable mobile desks. These presents for college students are ideal for those who work as hard as they party.