The 'Codo' is a Portable Laundry Machine That Cleans Tough Stains

 - Sep 23, 2015
References: financialexpress & gadgets.ndtv
Thanks to 'Haier,' there is now a pocket-sized washing machine that allows users to clean up stains that occur unexpectedly on-the-go. Joining the ranks of products in the Guinness World Record book, the Codo is the smallest portable washing machine in the world. While impressive, the term "washing machine" is slightly misleading as it doesn't involve loading the clothing inside of itself.

The tube contains a water bottle with a cleaning head and micro-motor on its tip. The bottle shoots out water that mixes with detergent, using its "squeeze-wash technology" to spin away the stain. It operates at 700 beats per minute using three triple-A batteries. The size of an electric shaver or deodorant bottle, the pocket-sized washing machine is perfect for businessmen and women who always need to be looking clean.