From Rapid-Capture Cameras to Non-Electric Food Storage

 - May 25, 2016
Whether it is affordable smartphones or live-saving medical devices, Indian tech innovations are increasingly changing lives in South Asia and abroad. Whether these products are created by startups or established companies, it is clear that Indian firms are quickly making a name for themselves in the tech industry.

One area that Indian tech firms excel in is making affordable versions of existing tech products. This includes everything from budget-friendly smartphones to affordable augmented reality headsets. These inexpensive devices help to make technology more accessible to consumers and they enable increased connectivity.

Beyond reinventing existing devices, a number of Indian firms are also working on innovative products related to accessibility. More specifically, a number of Indian startups are working on products that can help the visually impaired better navigate the world around them. Some examples of these products include audio-visual walking aids, vibrating footwear and braille smartphones.