This Mechanized Gadget Prevents Birds from Landing or Roosting Around It

 - Jul 30, 2015
References: promptpestcontrol
An India-based company called 'Prompt Pest Control Equipments' developed a mechanized bird deterrent that can be mounted to nearly any flat surface. While other bird-repelling devices are limited to the specific area they cover, the 'Bird Deterrent Spider' provides 360 degree pest control coverage.

The device features 12 stainless steel arms that rotate with the breeze. The menacing arms create a visual distraction zone and thereby prevent birds from landing or roosting around the device. The Bird Deterrent Spider rotates 360 degrees and contains a locking mechanism that helps to keep the arms attached to the base in high winds. The device can be mounted to any flat surface such as a boat, dock, air conditioning unit or rooftop.

With its unique design and 360 degree reach, the Bird Deterrent Spider can keep birds at bay in places that other devices cannot.