From Natural Antiseptic Sprays to Pocket-Friendly Personal Wipes

 - Feb 3, 2016
In addition to being available in pocket-sized gel formats, portable hand sanitizers are now coming in a number of convenient forms, including wipes, sprays and lotions.

With an increased concern for what ingredients are being applied to the skin, many health-conscious consumers are seeking solutions for cleansing the hands and face that make the most of nature's most powerful antibacterial agents. Since germs that collect on the hands are so often linked to sickness, Phluseptic produces individually packaged wipes made with aloe, lemon and oregano that are specifically branded and formulated to fight the common cold and flu. By favoring all-natural and alcohol-free formulas, consumers also protect themselves from a range of other skin ailments, such as dryness.

For most consumers, good personal hygiene makes up the foundation of their health and beauty routines, which is why convenient packaging is of the utmost importance when sinks and showers are not available.